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Aide's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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get 0ff me h0e!
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[05 Feb 2003|12:00pm]
my last entry.....i have anew journal..its taystable_cheri ....everyone who was on my friends list here is now on my friends list there....
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im so hurt!!! [25 Jan 2003|02:18am]
[ mood | hurt ]

this is n email that i wrote to oreo:

me n him got into a fight today and i took my engagement ring off....wutever his boy called him to go smoke.and i wanted to go even though i dun smoke...cuz im loked up in the house all day everyday..he never spends time with me anymore....and when i tell him dat he ses wut do u mean?we live together ...and i tell him being in the same room with someone isnt spendin tim etogether.he never wants to take me no were and were always fighting...so anyways,,,his boy calls him and i tel him im going woth you and hes like no...and im like days fuqed up... so i get up and go to the room to get his keysso he wouldnt leave nad he follows me in and then hes beggin me to give him the keys.and i told him il give them back if you let me go and hes like no...and i ws like u care more about your boyz than ur fuqin wife...so he sed something and i got mad and threw my ring at him....and i told him if i put these keys down and u leave we will have some serious problems...and i tol him my mom wants me to move bak in and hes likey u still here then???<~~thats when i took my ring off...and hes like i hope you think about what your doing...and i sed u too...and then he left and shyt...so im at home waitin for him to get here.4 hours later!!! andnow hes in bed sleepin and im fuqin crying my eyes out and he doesnt even hear me...im just so hurt right now....i cant believe he did that to me!!!i dunno what to do..if i should leave,stayi dunno if its over woh and theres nothing there anymore or if i just need abreak and space.....

i really dunno what to fuqin do anymore..guys help me out.

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[24 Jan 2003|09:39pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

i fukin hate this shyt......i cant believe that he did that.let`z just say theres no ring on my finger anymore...fukin prik.....

qimme r0kz

[22 Jan 2003|08:56pm]
yay!!!i got aol bak!!!!until may

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[21 Jan 2003|04:06pm]
hey guys wutz up???/nothin much here...omg!i think this is gonna be the last entry i post...ther reason being aol is acting retarded and were gonna cut it off.....so i guess this is my i love you guys and imma miss u alot entry....if u wanan talk to me;leave me a message at305-206-7301.its my voice mail so ill get the message...leave your number on there so i can call you back..i heart you guys a lot!!!!!ill be waiting for your calls.
qimme r0kz

[19 Jan 2003|12:41pm]
hey gouys...sory i havent been on lately..aol fuqin bloked my account....an my hubbi doesnt feel like callin....if u wanna talk ...leave me a message at 305-206-7301...il be expectin calls!!!!
qimme r0kz

[15 Jan 2003|10:51pm]
more icons...
•comment me
•save to your own server(they will be deleted)
•dont steal
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how fly am i??? [15 Jan 2003|06:35pm]
go here and vote for me...tel your friends to vote for me too!!!

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[11 Jan 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

omg i went to costco today and i saw the cutest fendi purse there...if anyone wants to donate $150 to the "give aide the finer things in life foundation"it would be greatly appreciated.and while your at it u can get me these too!!!
my wish listCollapse )

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my last public entry!!! [30 Dec 2002|05:47pm]

guys im so sorry to say but im making this my last public entry..if ya wanna be nosy comment me and ill add you.
WARNING:i chose not to hide anything about myself anymore...that is a reason why im making this friends only..i will refuse to be sorry if you dont like something i have written in my journal...its my thoughts and i dont give a shyt what people think.

•you have to add me first...
•dont ask me for any grafics of any kind in my journal for that you can email me or what ever
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[24 Dec 2002|05:00pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

well well...what can i say?t0day is an0ther regular day for me.n0thing really special.im n0t in the xmas spirit this year...well t0day imma g0 t0 my aunts h0use for dinner,,,i wanna g0 cuz i havent seen my aunt carmen and uncle r0bert0 in like for ever...its n0ot their house im g0ing t0 th0ugh.but everyone else thats gonna be there are all hypocrits anyway..wutever illok cuters..hehe.im wearing a black halter top with black wide leg pants...and i didn my hair all cute nad i painted my toes a really cute red..they look like dorohtys red slippers from the wizard of oz.and i got perfume on sou know its a special occasion...but like i sed before its a regualer day for me..i really should be wrapin the gifts for my sisiters but ill do that tomoroow morning and just give it to them at their house..and since i didnt get my cousinsanything thats the best thing i should do.i know as soon as i walkin there my grama is gonna be like damn girl ur getting fat and youre breaking out...i have sucha loveeeeely family..oh well shyt happens.

qimme r0kz

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