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im so hurt!!!

this is n email that i wrote to oreo:

me n him got into a fight today and i took my engagement ring off....wutever his boy called him to go smoke.and i wanted to go even though i dun smoke...cuz im loked up in the house all day everyday..he never spends time with me anymore....and when i tell him dat he ses wut do u mean?we live together ...and i tell him being in the same room with someone isnt spendin tim etogether.he never wants to take me no were and were always anyways,,,his boy calls him and i tel him im going woth you and hes like no...and im like days fuqed up... so i get up and go to the room to get his keysso he wouldnt leave nad he follows me in and then hes beggin me to give him the keys.and i told him il give them back if you let me go and hes like no...and i ws like u care more about your boyz than ur fuqin he sed something and i got mad and threw my ring at him....and i told him if i put these keys down and u leave we will have some serious problems...and i tol him my mom wants me to move bak in and hes likey u still here then???<~~thats when i took my ring off...and hes like i hope you think about what your doing...and i sed u too...and then he left and im at home waitin for him to get here.4 hours later!!! andnow hes in bed sleepin and im fuqin crying my eyes out and he doesnt even hear just so hurt right now....i cant believe he did that to me!!!i dunno what to do..if i should leave,stayi dunno if its over woh and theres nothing there anymore or if i just need abreak and space.....

i really dunno what to fuqin do anymore..guys help me out.
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